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Friday, September 25, 2015

One Exposure - Three Images

From our recent trip to a local lake. 

This branch composition intrigued me. As I exposed it, I was using exposure settings to enhance a B&W rendering. I also wanted a good subject for the Infrared processing feature of Photoshop CC. 

Here it is:

In Living Colour  

B&W with all the right contrasts

IR - Infrared



Wednesday, September 23, 2015

A Fun Image Manipulation

Gradient Color to Black & White of an old building.

Caption: "Turn a corner and go back in time."

Monday, September 21, 2015

Fun With Old Buildings

Took a little daytrip out on small state highways and found some neat old buildings to photograph.

Here are the sooc versions:

To process them, I first enhanced exposure. Opened up shadows and closed down highlights. Then, I desaturated certain colors and enhanced others. Lastly, I adjusted contrast.

Here are the image processed versions:


Saturday, September 5, 2015

Boathouse District

Panoramic views of the Boathouse District on the Oklahoma River and the Oklahoma City skyline viewed from the river.


Thursday, September 3, 2015

Voted #1!

Thumb Tack voted Steve's Fine Finish as a 2015 Top Ten in Oklahoma photography company and ranked us #1 in Product Photography!

Thanks! We hope to continue to provide quality images and services for a long time.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

More Special EFX Fun

Remember all the fun we used to have in darkrooms? Besides getting everything just right for a great final print, sometimes we wanted to play around.

We could solarize or posterize our images. We could print an interneg and reprint a negative print. We could shoot infrared film and develop for either a positive or negative. All were very fun things to do. Also very labor intensive and time consuming.

In the Digital Age, we can do those same things. And we even seem to have some more real control of the process. Many imaging programs allow conversion to B&W, B&W Infrared, and other special effects.

I took a few images I've posted before and played around with the Special Effects tools in a couple of different programs. 

Here are the originals:

And here are some special effects versions:





What images do you have that you want to play with? Don't hold back, get them up on your computer and try it out! Be bold or be subtle. Any way you do it, it's all simply one more fun thing you can do in digital photography.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Fun With Scans

If you're like me, some of your favorite pics from "way back" are in albums. Cool, but, where are the negs?

A lot of my 'serious' stuff, and most of my non portrait pro work through the years is as chromes or slides. But, a lot of good photos came about as I was just playing or on vacation, loaded with colour neg film. 

Films such as Kodacolor and Fujicolor had excellent colour rendition and quite a lot of exposure latitude. So, I could leave my camera on an auto setting, or just use the Sunny 16 Rule and concentrate on having fun. I knew I would still get some nice pics from that approach.

But, after 30 years, where are those old negatives? I had been storing mine but a flood (and the mold later) took away a lot of those old film negatives. I still have some high quality prints, tho, so I scanned them.

Scan them yourself using your all-in-one from HP or Canon or whatever, and you're likely to get an editable jpeg file of about 2 to 5 MP to work with. Clean up the dust, either in a PS type program or using the scanner's dust settings. Of course, a high end scanner, a photo specific scanner, or a scanning service will give even better results, but any of us with an scanner of any kind can still play.

I found an old pic from 1979 of the Brooklyn Bridge that I did, so I started with that:

raw scan

This is from a low price Canon all-in-one. The original photo was shot on a Kodak Pony from the 1950s.

So, now we clean it up a bit. Straighten, adjust the faded print colours, etc... Since it's a jpeg of a print, I don't have a whole lot of info to work with (as I would with a RAW file or large/fine jpeg), but I had enough. Here is the retouched pic:

Have some old pics you want to share on Facebook? Feel like playing around to tweak your PhotoShop skills? Just like your old stuff and want to look at it on your computer/tablet/phone? Then, scan your old prints!

Here is some playing I did with this file, converting it to B & W:

Black & White